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Bluesky Community Voices : a series of discussions relating to the goals of designing a durable protocol for public conversation and driving adoption of decentralized technologies. Listen to past episodes and see upcoming events below. Suggestions welcome.
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Who am I anyway?

Panelists / Speakers:

* Tim Bray @timbray
* Brooklyn Zelenka @expede
* Evan Prodromou @evanpro
* Kaliya Young @identitywoman
* Mike Sena @somemikesena
* Kei Kreutler @keikreutler
* Aabhas Sharma @shars17 (moderator)

BSCV#1 After Party Q&A
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Who's got my Data?

* Moderator: Manasi Vora @manasilvora
* Aaron Goldman, Twitter (framing) @AaronDGoldman
* Mark Nadal, Founder, Gun @marknadal
* Ian Preston, Founder, Peergos @ianopolous
* Paul Frazee, Founder, Blue Link Labs @pfrazee
* Steven Allen, Sr. Software Engineer at Protocol Labs @stebalien
* Mikhail Olkhovskiy, Software Engineer at Google @olhovskiyml

BSCV#2 After Party Q&A
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Blockchain Incentivized Storage


* Elena Giralt @elenita_tweets (moderator)
* David Vorick @DavidVorick
* Nader Dabit @dabit3
* Jeromy Johnson @Whyrusleeping
* Nick Lothian @nlothian

BSCV#3 After Party Q&A

Upcoming Events (topics subject to change):

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